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Monday, January 21, 2013


Since coming online I have made a few enemies.  No, the word enemies is not too harsh a descriptor. 

I have also met many more people who have transcended thresholds of "Brothers" or "Family" to a place I reserve for people who have earned a place only short of the place my wife holds in my heart.  I call these people Tribe.  Mullenax.  Kenny.  Miss Violet.  Leslie.  Zoomie.  Lewis and Israel.  Bill.  Craig.  China.  Peter.  Jim.  Reg.  Rich.  David.  Mike M. Will.  Daniel.  Vernon.  Mike C.  Dan C.  LT. 

There are, literally, dozens of you.  Please don't be offended if I did not mention your name specifically.  If I tried to make a comprehensive list and I missed someone I would be forever mortified.  I think most of you know very clearly where you stand with me.  If you ever truly need me, say the word and I will do whatever it takes to be there and I will help you prevail, or die trying.

There is a core group within the various III projects that so many of us have undertaken who have become part of my Tribe.  ("My Tribe" does not mean Tribe in which I am Leader - I lead no one.  I may go first, but in my world every single member of the Tribe is equal.)

BonnieGadsden is another such man.

When future history books are written, you will read about several of the Patriots already mentioned on this page.

Read this at his site.



  1. K,

    Speaking of tribe. I am still not having much luck building local tribe here in upstate SC/Charlotte, NC area although I have met one fellow Patriot. Although I cannot speak for him, we both are still looking for fellow Patriots in this area with which to "build tribe" along the lines of the "Pick 7"concept. Any suggestions?

    Alan S. Pedersen
    Fort Mill, SC

  2. Funny you say that you lead no one. We damn near made the same statement when our tribe was recently talking. "We are equatable, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. But where one is weak the others are strong. Doesnt mean we as individuals are not strong. We are all a link in the chain. A chain where each link will become reliant on the other links to move us forward. We cannot go backwards and we will not stand still. These days are bigger than anyone of us as an individual. These days do not grant us time for petty bullshit."

    It is an honor to stand and be part of each and everyone of you. I just hope that before God grants me passage into his kingdom, that I may have the priviledge to shake your hand and maybe share some of my home made brandy with ya!

    In Liberty


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