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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Water Cooler

I have sensed a shift in Gunners.

I think it is a dangerous shift, a standing down.

You folks deal with more "real" people than do I on the average day, so weigh in and let me know if you are getting the same sense within your work/social circles.  (I deal with Washingtonians - and "real people" they ain't)

The moment President Obama listed his 23 edicts, and DiFi's AWB was pronounced DoA by Reid, McConnel and the House, I have "sensed" a significant standing down of the community.  Not the folks like us who are hardcore, who pay attention to 2A every day - but a lot of the "NRA" types who got off the couch, I think they are already heading back to the couch.

For a while there was such tension that at those Saturday rallies had anyone gotten stupid I truly believe it would have been as historically significant as the Boston Massacre, and the news would have spread from Capitol to Capitol at WiFi speeds and we'd have been hip-deep in RevWarIII in moments.

That tension feels significantly lessened.

Is this accurate?



  1. Superbowl's comin' up, Sam. There's more important things to attend to than their Rights.
    The American people remind me of an old dog. If you poke it it'll raise it's head up and growl but as soon as you quit it'll lay it's head back down and continue napping.

  2. I live in a relatively rural area of North Eastern WA. Last week we had 150 folks show up to a city council meeting that normally gets 1 or 2 as we presented a 'Go Screw Yourself, Feds' resolution. Our county sheriff publicly stated that anyone who wants to enforce anything on us will have to go through him and his deputies first.

    We also now know who the closet progressives are on the city council. They may have snuck in under the radar, but they won't be on the council long.

    Last week we also had a joint commissioners meeting with the commissioners of four different NE WA counties. Again, massive turnout in the hundreds to a meeting that normally doesn't get more than a couple folks.

    In both cases the meeting rooms were packed, the halls were full, and folks were lined up and waiting outside the building. In 20 degree weather.

    From my perspective, in my AO, folks are still fired up, but are very focused on local efforts right now. Lots of pressure on city, county, and state governments.

  3. I just returned from a quick visit to that local gun shop/range you and I have discussed.

    The shelves were bare. The only "decent" semi-auto pistols available were two 10mm Glocks, a handful off brand junk/.380s, and a couple dozen revolvers of various types and qualities.

    The good shit was gone.

    I saw one AR and one AK in the racks, and they may have been on lay-away. A couple of Mosin/Nagants and Ruger Ranchers...nothing really substantial as far as modern "battle-rifles" available.

    It looked like the vultures had picked the shelves to the bone, and this is a shop which historically has stocked a good inventory.

    "That tension feels significantly lessened?"

    I don't think so, brother. I think folks are resigned to a fucking war, and they are grimly determined to fight.

    The parking lot was full, but nobody was buying because there was nothing to buy.

    The line for the range was out the fucking door damn near. Nobody was laughing or smokin' and jokin'...

    Shit's gonna get froggy, I'm afraid.

  4. I'm thinkin folks are prepping thier wares, making contingencies, psyching up, watching events, wishing this wasn't happening. Then there are the other 97% who truly are sheep.

  5. In S.E. Texas folks are hunkering down for a fight and laying in supplies.

    They know what's going on and are ready.

  6. Behind the lines here in So.Kal everyone I know that is aware of what is happening, is taking stock of what they have and gathering more supplies/ammo. Conversation has been geared towards monitoring the news/internet and making sure there is a plan in place when the fires light the skies... The local Bass Pro and other gun shops, Turners etc. were all bare of 9mm,.45 and .223.. Plenty of shotgun shells,30.06,30.30....Lots of hunting rifles and black powder rifles...no Ar or Ak....


  7. North central TX is layed in from what I've seen. 2 coworkers not really big on guns now have shotguns and carry guns plus have been through 100s or rounds of ammo in practice plus have plenty stored. One guy is 1/2 way done with "sniper school". The rest of us have been ready for some time.


  8. In SW Ark folks are geared up and reading everything on the web they can. Its a done deal with folks here. There will be war. You can cut the tension with your Kabar.

  9. In central AZ (Prescott Valley, Yavapai County), people are NOT saying "all is well." Hell, just this week the Yavapai County Sheriff came out and stated in the paper that he would NOT enforce any additional gun control laws coming from DC...AND, he's going to reconsider EXISTING ones. Fellow shooters, right wingers, consitutionalists and sundry ne'er-do-wells are all loading for bear. You can't find .223 or .308 here. I can only find .40SW in FMJ...JHP is non-existent. I think people are just hunkerin' down and waiting, prepping for the worst.

  10. stand down???? not here in the blue ridge mountains of Virginia.
    slow down, yes..because there's few AR or AK rifles left for sale..and those that are put out there are snapped up in minutes at priemum prices. like other places, the most popular ammo is gone, or hard to find and expensive....223 is going for $1/round.
    a lot of the knee jerk walmart wannabes have blown their wad buying what they could get their hands on...those weapons are in closets or gun safes, and will most likely come back on the market in 4-6 months. these guys are all ready distracted by the "real world" of super bowl, honey boo boo, and ski season.
    hunkered down?? you bet...and out scouting for soft targets to take out when the balloon goes up.
    fill the shelves, fill the cans and tanks, and fill the spare clips.

  11. Again, I am a fed.gov in a small office in West Virginia. Out of the twenty-some people in my office every male under the age of fifty (and a couple of the women) are very much aware of what is going on. The combat veterans and the deer hunters are all on the same page. The baby boomer pinko weenies were kidding about it, but they have stopped now.

    There are quite a few people I know who are watching New York. As long as good people in the Empire State resist the new laws I think quite a few folks in the rest of the country will harden up. If there is some sort of Waco-type standoff shit is going to get real.

  12. SoCal report: Line to get in the gun show in Costa Mesa this morning stretched 3 miles, in the rain.

    Not much talk around my water cooler though, those that have said anything have all said "I've already got my guns" and were not effected by the price surge. What they plan to do with them? Not sure. But the customer at Big 5 a couple weeks back made it clear that he will not be turning in any weapons.

  13. The shelves in So. Florida were emptied weeks ago with the notable exception of a shop in the southern part of Palm Beach county run by d-bags. One thing i overheard more than once was shop owners supporting background checks on private sales.I won't be doing anymore business with those scum. Make sure you know where your shops weigh in, especially those the do lots of LEO business.

  14. Tennessee here. The tension seems less among those who were pissed off a month ago, but it is spread over a broader area, including a surprising number of democrats I know. I'm also seeing more attempts to silence dissent from the left, particularly on facebook, as I regularly have posts disappear, so the taint-sniffers are gearing up too.

    I think everybody is just waiting to see what happens next. It's pissing me off right now, to be honest. The closest liquor store is right by the gun shop, with the result that there is NEVER any parking there while the gun store is open. I think I've got the firearms and rounds I need, but I'm nearly out of whiskey. I don't why they are going in the gun store - stock is staying cleared off the shelves, except for squirrel guns. My buddies that regularly attend gun shows are reporting them packed as well. Hell, one friend whose mom chewed him out for buying a gun bought him four or five large magazines for his birthday.

    Course, Nashville is an odd place, so I wouldn't use that particular anecdote as part of a trend line. The main thing I worry about now is what the religious leaders in the area will do. People will follow them, so that needs to be triaged, somehow. The crappy denominations are already pushing gun control, but they are few and far between anyway (and their members are broke airheads, in my experience). But, the III needs a strategy for engaging ministers - we need the extra leverage.


    1. Not at all, only an increase of 100% in daily traffic which has not let up.

    2. @Brock. Some of that traffic is me. You've kinda been on fire lately (as have most of the III).


    3. I'm just north of Murfreesboro and All the shelves are bare everywhere and the guns stores are packed daily. There are some handguns at a store S. of Murf. but no fighting rifles..Some shotguns and some ammo but it's sparse. No one's really talking much but people are very serious and I think waiting to see...

    4. I am a "minister" but far from the mainline denominational standard when it comes to weapons ownership. My policy and preaching(when opportunity and circumstance allow) is that if you can own it, so can I. Further, if the .gov can have it, so should I. I am opposed to the long-standing position that the clergy should be without arms but rather imho should "pack heat" in accordance with the situation. When Christ cleared the Temple of the cons and money-grubbers, He fashioned and used a weapon of incredible cruelty - cat 'o nine tails - and "drove" them from the place. He did not spare when the occasion to stand came.

      As for others in this town/state, there's been little reported but it's my thinking that a great many "ministers", if polled individually, would parrot the standard "we ought to obey all the ordinances of man" line at the least. They fail to realize that the 2ndA is listed in the "ordinances of man" and that it's purpose is for such a time as this. There are many others who would take up the cross of the anti-gunners because it's pc and firmly believe that Jesus was a wimp.

      I own, I carry and when pushed to no other option I will act - which includes preemptive action when needed. May God help us when that time comes.

  15. I feel like 'Carolina is just waiting for a spark. Had a meeting with several local sheriffs ~2 weeks ago to address 2A concerns and hear their position on the matter, and while the organizers [Moccasin Creek Minute Men] expected ~60-75 people to show up, I'd say they got more like 500-600! Made the news on all three local TV channels. The sheriffs left feeling as though they had been 'pressed' a bit, although the meeting was 99% polite and propper.

    In that crowd of 500+, there was not a single couch potato. I also have personally spoken to at least a dozen folks who would have attended that meeting if they were not otherwise obligated that night.

    Very few are "itchin" for this, but a ton of folks here are openly resigned to a fight, and loading out now, if they hadn't already.


  16. The majority of the people I work with or am buddies with are far from standing down. A few almost seem as if they're looking forward to the other shoe dropping. They have ratcheted up their rhetoric and are a lot more outspoken about it. What bothers me though, are the ones who just want to wait for trouble to come find them when they need to be proactive.

  17. I agree with those saying people are just busy trying to fill holes they may have in stocks. Taking inventory, going snipe hunting for the mythical .308 ammo and components, etc. The mood is most assuredly sober as hell and realization of what may be coming is sinking in on those behind the game. Then there are those of us just glad we already did all this shit.
    Either way its very early in this game.

  18. Here behind enemy lines in NY things are very tense. It is the topic of conversation both public and private. those that have been and are awake are preparing. We got some good news when many LEO and politicans stood up to defend our RIGHTS. I did not expect so many to do so. The battel lines have been drawn. The registration deadline is a year from now according to the new bill. NO ONE I know is going to register. There are more Rallies planned and people seem to be forming up in groups ready getting ready forr anything.

    1. Craig,
      I too am behind the line. I had a gathering for the first time last night to begin forming a group in my ao. I was surprised at the numbers and the seriousness of the people that showed. It seems that everyone has come to terms in their own minds that there is going to be a war. I also dont know a single person who will comply. Its funny you said that about people forming up into groups to get ready cuz thats exactly what my people are doing. And its very encouraging to know that others are doing the same. You should look into leaderless resistance and phantom cells. I think the best option is for our groups to all remain completly independent of each other working for the same goal of restoration. A united front presents only one for the enemy to focus on, whereas many small groups with no interconnections could never be all stomped out.

      Stay Safe and Godspeed.

      Jason D

  19. In Utah we had to wait in line for 30 minutes to get onto the gun range that is typically a ghost town. Most days I could shoot nekked and no one would be there to care. Not so sure there is a standing down

  20. Went to the Costa Mesa, Ca. gun show yesterday. The line to get in was at least a mile long AFTER you stood in another line to get your admission. Lines for magazines and ammo were at least 100 yards long and the ammo lines stayed that way all day. You could not get near any table that had evil black rifles and prices for this stuff were very inflated. Even the military rifles from WWII carried a commanding price, especially the Garands' You could still find deals, I did, but they were not at the tables that were specialized in one or two product lines and were found tucked into the corner of tables that had a lot of junk on them. Lot of interest in the tables for tactical training also. These folks are not buying this stuff with their hard earned money just to turn it over to .gov when it says to.

    Talked to a few folks (not vendors) at the show to take the mood of the crowd. There were no smiles and the mood was very somber. Listening to the talk at the tables there were a lot of first time buyers, the average American is not taking the current political climate lightly. Lots of talk of the recent negligent discharges at some recent gun shows. No one can recall EVER hearing about even one before now, so all of a sudden we have three? False flag talk.

    Word has it through a friend, who has contacts in Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (USMC), that the King is afraid of the Corps and would like to see it disbanded. Many below the rank of Major will most likely disobey any unconstitutional order or an order to fire on the American people. Comforting if true, only time will tell and one can hope that the rest of the armed services are of a similar persuasion. No one has any confidence in DHS.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kalifornistan

  21. In Northern Michigan, most of the people who are awake (not many, mind you) are still fighting mad. I have been emailing senators and congressmen daily, Being a thorn in their sides. So no, I don't think people are backing down

  22. Im curious why all of a sudden we keep having so many "accidental" gun show shootings when we have never had even one before. Slick way to stop private sales at shows aint it?

  23. NY rally in Albany February 28 let's make it larger than the last one We will not give up we will not go quietly into the night remember Perseverance and determination are omnipotent

  24. Im hearing the 12th as well apparently cuomo will be in the building that day. Ill be at every one regardless.



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