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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Will History know your name?

The average age of the militiaman in Lexington when SHTF was 32.

The Minutemen in most communities were usually younger.

John Parker was 46 years old - and terminally ill - when he went to the Green.

Francis Marion (The "real" Benjamin Martin) was 44 years old.

The average age of the men who would soon fight under George Washington was about 21.

In 1776 the average age of our Founders was 43. (Full list below)

Just fewer than 400 years ago the first Pilgrims set sail for and arrived in America in 1620.  They left England, as we all know, to escape tyranny.

That tyranny followed the Pilgrims, and just about 150 years later they were forced to the events of Lexington. 

Liberty won and beat back Tyranny, for a while.  But the fight between Tyranny & Liberty is eternal.

Just 70 years or so later Tyranny flexed again in the name of Lincoln, who won and imposed Tyranny once again over the last place on Earth where Tyranny did not previously reign.

It is now 2013.  About 150 years have passed since Lincoln enslaved the nation and began delivering the continent to the forces of Tyranny.  In this year of 2013 the forces of Tyranny stand ready to snuff the last glimmers of Liberty from Earth.

It is the Nature of (many) Man to seek to be Masters.  It is the nature of (most) humans to permit Tyranny to rule over them.  This simple reality is clear in our histories.

The first Americans fled to this land to the only place on Earth that was not under the rule of Tyrants.

The Tyrants followed.  The forces of Tyranny are now preparing to snuff from existence the last bit of Liberty from the last place on Earth - right here, right now.

There is to be one final fight between Liberty and Tyranny on Earth.  There is no other place to run.

The fight will happen here.

The fight will happen now.

How will History record your name?



In 1776, the average age of the Founding Fathers was 43.8:

Adams, John - 41
Adams, Sam - 54
Bartlett - 47
Braxton - 40
Carroll - 39
Chase - 35
Clark - 51
Clymer - 37
Ellery - 49
Floyd - 42
Franklin - 70
Gerry - 32
Gwinnett - 41
Hall - 52
Hamilton - 21
Hancock - 39
Harrison - 50
Hart - 64
Hewes - 46
Heyward - 30
Hooper - 35
Hopkins - 69
Hopkinson - 39
Huntington - 45
Jay - 32
Jefferson - 33
Lee, Francis - 42
Lee, Richard - 44
Lewis - 63
Livingston - 60
Lynch - 27
Madison - 26
McKean - 42
Middleton - 34
Morris, Lewis - 50
Morris, Robert - 42
Morton - 51
Nelson - 38
Paca - 36
Paine - 45
Penn - 35
Read - 43
Rodney - 49
Ross - 46
Rush - 31
Rutledge - 27
Sherman - 55
Smith - 57
Stockton - 46
Stone - 33
Taylor - 60
Thomson - 47
Thornton - 62
Walton - 27
Washington - 44
Whipple - 46


  1. I will be 44 this year. Will a country honor my name like those listed above? It doesn't matter to me.

    My nameis known to my Lord and that is all I care about.

    From my death bed or on the battlefield feeding the grass. I will serve liberty until my last breath.

  2. The fight is upon us. Dirty war of attrition.

  3. 42yrs old. As ready as I'll ever be I reckon.

    My two sons ages 5 & 2 are the reasons I will destroy the enemies of Liberty & Freedom with extreme prejudice.

    I'm done moving. I'll not budge another inch. I'll not recognize the State as god. I'll not recognize homosexual "marriage" and their satanic agenda a day longer. I'll not recognize Obamacare, or an unconstitutional AWB or restriction/registration.

    Those in positions of power that have portrayed white males as inferior, beneath women & blacks are about to have their eyes opened on who is really top dog on this little spinning blue & green speck.

    Mine is a spiritual & cultural War.

    Semper Fi.

  4. Surprising - I figured the average age of the soldiers to be in mid-30s.

  5. Freedom and God is what I will continue to stand for. I pray to God almighty that we will rise above this and stand free Nation again.


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