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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Patriots sleeping & deluded

I declared months ago that FedGov would not get a new AWB and probably not even a Hi Cap ban.

I was right.  Whoopee.

I predicted that President Obama would go for Mental Health in a back-door move to exponentially expand the Prohibited Persons list. 

I was right.  Whoopee.

And then President Obama proved that he is a very clever, very sophisticated politician, and he went to select States and got them to move in anti-2A strides that would be impossible to achieve at the national level, but in a few weeks he has managed to add millions and millions more people to a less-armed state of readiness, he has forced major 2A companies to go into defensive mode that will cost tens-of-millions to re-tool in other states.  He has used his political power to place orders that force manufacturers to produce for .Gov while starving the Citizen.  Just wait until he places an order for 1.4 billion .223/5.56 NATO rounds to go with the .40 order.  He has laid the ground for every Doctor in America to take your 2A from you with the stroke of a pen.

California, New York, Maryland, Illinois, Colorado, New Jersey, Connecticut, DC, Hawaii, Massachusetts, have roughly 103 million residents, and the Marxists are working hard in those states to kill 2A, and they are succeeding stunningly.  That's one-third of the republic, folks.

Yet people in other states are already going back to sleep, for the lack of a Federal ban means they are "safe".

Connect the dots, Patriots.

2A has taken a major hit in the last 3 months.  You still can't buy what any US Army Fire Team has at their disposal.  You were permitted to keep your black rifles and 30 rounders... in some states.

Anyone claiming a 2A victory simply isn't living in the real world.

Anyone going back to sleep and standing down from rallies at State Capitals has been out-thought by the President and his Marxists.

Buying a full auto M-16 will begin at $15,000 today - for essentially the same firearm that can be built for about $500 in normal times.  And you think you still have 2A "freedom"?  You can't buy frags.  You can't buy flash-bangs.  You can't buy (or probably afford) a Ma Deuce.  Well, you can, but good luck...

And you're willing to claim victory just because you were "permitted" to keep wearing your sidearm and didn't have to bury your Bushmaster.  What if you want a Beretta 93 instead of the 92?

Freedom?  Liberty?

Not so much.

300.  Just 300 serious American Patriots and we change America back to a place of Freedom and Liberty.

Right now, we're just a bunch of comfortable slaves.

Do you plan on dying with these rules in place?

Just 300...



  1. I would love to see three hundred, just three hundred, honest to God real life Patriots gathered in one place.

    Oh, wait. Can't do that. They would be mowed down, or infiltrated, or arrested, or called names, or...

    And, everybody is just too busy, too broke, too far away, too...

    No, we can't doooo that!

  2. Actually K, I don't think the fuckers that smart...some of the creatures around him seem to be clever bastards tho.


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