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Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Kerodin Go Vehicle

Currently holed-up in an undisclosed location, getting the paperwork squared away before we resume our trek toward the PatCom.  A Go Vehicle, or Bug Out Vehicle, if you prefer, must have certain attributes that my little Chevy simply lacked.  Four wheel drive is the fundamental sine qua non.  Holly and I are starting with a solid base vehicle, the bullet-proof Cherokee with 4.0 inline six.  It has a brush bar and safari rack on the roof, and when we are done it will have Warn odds & ends for a proper go-anywhere outfit.  We are sacrificing some fuel economy, of course, but our gains are worth it.

This will get up to the PatCom much more easily...



  1. Though you didn't mention it, I assume you are putting the proper anti-flat goop (i.e., green slime) in the tires?

  2. That's a good looking rig. :)

  3. Been giving that a lot of thought myself lately.

  4. Well, guess someone is going to have to tow up my little rice burner rental.

  5. I ran the hell out of my 1993 Cherokee Sport. Good choice.
    Looking forward to seeing you on the 14th man.

    Ne Desit Virtus III


  6. What a shameless, lying douchebag.

    Thursday, August 29, 2013
    Pretty funny move on the part of the Kerodin Kleptocrat Komedy Kabal. Unconsciously and unintentionally so or a hat tip to the Fibbies?

    Readers may recall my previous stories on the FBI operation known as PATCON, short for "Patriot Conspiracy." If not, you may go here and here to get up to speed. PATCON was a very deadly conspiracy in its own right by the FBI against the Constitution of the United States, using useful idiots in the so-called "Patriot" community. They are still desperate to cover up the links between PATCON and the Oklahoma City Bombing.
    So imagine my amusement when I learned that Kerodin and Kompany are hosting a gathering they call "PatCon" on that God-forsaken piece of undeveloped scrub in Idaho they call "The Citadel." See "Event planned for Citadel."
    So are these people -- who attempted to steal an idea, hijack a movement and trademark the Roman numeral III* (see below) -- being ignorantly, unconsciously and unintentionally funny or is this a hat tip to the constitutional criminals of the FBI?
    Posted by Dutchman6 at 3:14 PM

    As always, almost all of the comments were made by anonymous posters.

  7. Nice Jeep XJ, I got A 2000, 4lt, inline 6. Can't kill them. Took mine over all the old passes in the mountains of Colorado. No problems at all. Everybody else with these jacked up rigs were broken down all over, but my stock XJ just kept rollin'. Let me know if you have troubles, I probably had them before soI can tell you how to fix them....Maybe get a 3 or 4" lift.

  8. Hey cavmedic. Why don't you get your own site and spew your vomit there? I'll tell you why, because noone wants to listen to the shit leaving your pie hole. I picture you as a fat bellied bearded lowlife with yellow teeth, a beer in one hand and another on ice ready to go. What an asswipe you are.

    Rakkasans Lead The Way.

    1. Rakkasans: CavMedic cut & pasted Vanderboegh's words - CavMedic is an ally. ;)


    2. Nice rig. It should really haul the dairy products.

      Do you have a link to the suing for using the III thing? I don't recall this. Is it recent?

      Hell...if anybody should have gotten a cease and desist order, it shoulda been me.

      I feel left out.

    3. Zoomie: As you might expect, no such "Cease & Desist" letter has ever existed. Pure BS from Mike. He constantly tries to undermine III Arms and recently he went to an Alabama AR manufacturer and tried to get the guy to start engraving III on his rifles. Of course this would lead to brand dilution for Miller and confusion in the market as to who manufactured the rifles. Mike did this without telling the Alabama manufacturer that his true purpose was to fuck with Miller & III Arms.

      So, Miller sent the Alabama manufacturer a simple email and told him that the III is trademarked regarding firearms and firearms accessories - which means simply that manufacturers may not add the III to their products for profit.

      The trademark doesn't apply to any guy who wants to engrave a III on his Bushmaster, it doesn't apply to Ruger who uses the "Mark III" because there is no possible marketplace confusion, it doesn't apply to any company that wants to make "III Tampons" or fishing lures or anything else. It simply means companies may not use the III on firearms or accessories for profit. In business, failure to trademark your logo would be considered malpractice by most businessmen, so III Arms protected its investors and has done everything the right way.

      So, sorry Mikey - you tried to fuck Miller and III Arms, and you just managed to get more shit splattered on you for your under-handed efforts. The poor guy in Alabama had no idea Mikey was using him and setting him up for a messy bit of business - that's what Mike is made of - he'll use anyone to hurt his enemies.

      Fugg'em - he isn't worth the cancer eating his Soulless walking corpse.


    4. Whoops! Appoligies to cavmedic68w. Shifting fire! MY BAD. I owe you dude. This was addressed to the turd in the punchbowl. You know who you are.

      Rakkasans are still human. III

    5. That's kinda fucked up. Thanks for the update, Sam. I didn't know any of it. I don't get out much these days. ;)

    6. Thanks for explaining that. I'm sure this isn't the time to discuss intellectual property and trademarks and such, let alone what it really means to be a plaintiff in a lawsuit. Plus, an email isn't a lawsuit, so that's nice.

      The important point IMO is how many things--even disputes--can be resolved with transparency, information and knowledge. Decent people behave decently, duh. In the end, if there's going to be a saving grace on this planet, that'll be it. You heard it here first.

    7. whoo ah...


    8. No worries, Rakkasans.
      I made the same mistake myself
      I immediately followed by
      honestly admitting my
      mistake and apologizing.

  9. Replies
    1. Looks nice. What year and how much if I'm not to inquisitive?

    2. It's a 1996 and we paid $3k for it. I crawled around it pretty good, driveline seems nice and tight, original engine (123K - which is just getting warmed up on the 4.0 if taken care of properly). The guy has some nice Goodyear tires on it - the safari rack and brush bar helped, that's another $600 or so I won't have to spend.

      Once I get it home I'll start adding proper lighting, get a Warn winch hanging on the front end, and a few, uhm, "unconventional" add-ons for anyone silly enough to try and jack the rig. ;)

    3. Looks nice. Now I want one.:) Israel is so rich he bought a new one which you may have seen at the last PATCON.:)


    4. I saw Israel's rig this at your place - it is sweet!

  10. I don't get out much these days.

    Just the race track.:)

  11. my ride.. jeep xj 98 strait-6. 140k
    project in the making.. Safari rack on top. airbags for support with a heavy load.

  12. oops... here is the link for a pic of my xj.. edited for security.


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