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Saturday, April 11, 2015

LEO: "I don't need a warrant"

res ipsa loquitur


  1. Welcome to Red America. This is what a gun free world looks like, cameras and complaints...

  2. Personally I would have stabbed that little fucker in the eye with a soldering iron. :)

  3. SO whhere was this? WHen?

    Were the officers punished?

    1. April 9th 2015, New York

      Don't know

  4. Unfortunately, we don't know what happened just before the camera started rolling. If the cop really did "see a felon enter" then he's correct. Unfortunately, that is one of the oldest lies in the Blue Book...

    Veritatem habet faciem singular;
    sed mendaces habere a million.

  5. I would LOVE for a fucking thug enforcer to tell me he don't need a warrant. He will definitely NEED rifle plates, following that statement.


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