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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Daily Brief

MVT Rifleman Challenge Update - here.

QRP Comms - here.

Enemy Action: Drug Cartel had entire city wired for video - here, from Sparks31.

Enemy Action: DoJ Cartel flying fleet of surveillance aircraft under dummy corporations - here.



  1. Some thoughts on QRP radio operation -
    You will NOT carry a full 100 watt station into the field, in addition to your full personal kit. So please ditch the idea, right now. At best you will have Lo (2~5 watt) and Hi (10~20 watt) power levels, using field-expedient antennas. This is more than sufficient. Look to what military forces have been doing for the last 50 years for solid guidance -

    In Viet Nam, the LRRP guys were using PRC-25 VHF-FM radios which "only" produced 1.5 watts of RF output, in deep mountainous jungle, and they got the message through. In fact, Gen. Creighton Abrams said of the PRC-25 that, "it was the single most important tactical item in Viet Nam."

    Sure, technology has improved. But reality has not.

    QRP Operation is *the* way to do field radio.

    It's the mindset. Which gets the skill set. Which gets the job. Done.

  2. On Enemy Actions - I was just mentioning in another comment that communications is a flank which you must protect. Surveillance is all about communications.
    /Control the communications, control the enemy's perception of the battlefield.

    Don't leave your flanks hanging out...


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