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Saturday, June 13, 2015

III Calling Cards...

A III Patriot made a suggestion recently, and we thought it was a good one.

III 'Calling Cards'.

Yeah, that's the ticket.  Calling Cards.  You can write on the back - you know, stuff like your contact details.  Or whatevah...

You certainly wouldn't write anything like "We know who you are, where you live, and your little dog, too!  So stop working with the Tyrants!" or anything else that may be mistakenly inferred as intimidating.  Nor would you ever leave such a note on someone's car door, or at their workplace cubicle.   No, no, no, no...  

You know, hearts and minds are important - but let's be realistic, when you've got 'em by the balls, hearts and minds will follow...  

And you would never leave them at capers the way it was done old-school...

That would be impolitic.

Unless you intend to be realpolitik...

They are the size of regular playing cards, rounded corners, gloss color on the front, and subdued back without the gloss, so you can write contact information, or a private little note.

We are shipping them in decks of 52 cards - 17 of each variety, with one extra to make the deck right.

As with all IIIGear, proceeds go to continue III Projects.

In stock, shipping within 24 hours.

III Calling Cards


  1. we called 'em 'death cards'... we wanted charlie to know who to thank. stormfriend sends....

  2. I dig that. Crafty.

  3. Ooooo, fancy, just like polite 19th century calling cards. Good stocking stuffers for III Christians, lol. No, it's not too early to get your Christmas shopping done, duh.;-)

    1. And these can be gifts for those little bastards that have been naughty and the little darlin's who have been nice. We're all about the equal opportunity here. ;)

  4. I trust you will have plenty of these in stock for folks who want to procure them in person at the patcon, right?

    1. I hope so. But I'd like to have to re-order to make that happen. ;)

    2. I will second that motion...;)

  5. Do they all have the IIIPercent.com URL on the back?? Kinda puts you in a bind doesn't it, if someone steps off the porch and uses one or more of these? Freddie Feddie will be all up in your shit with 2a.m. dynamic entries to your house, cuffs, warrants and subpoenas wanting details on everyone who bought a deck.

    1. Yep. I believe in leading from the front. If these cards end up on the news, I'll take whatever heat may come with it. I have no delusions that I will die an old man of natural causes.

      Fuck 'em. Do your work and make that work count for Liberty. I'll have your back as much as I am able, even if I am thousands of miles away.

  6. This is a good idea (in my opinion). Bicycle card company at one time made only decks of ace of spades - used them to good purposes in Viet Nam ..........calling cards send a message. Will order ASAP.


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