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Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Current ThreatCon for CONUS
Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Serious Fast-Draw Sheath


Many of you recognize the KA-BAR fast-draw sheath I have used for a while now.

A local III Patriot has built a similar model, featured in the video above and image below. The hard part for building a fast-draw sheath is making it tight enough to securely hold your knife until it is time to draw.  I have several such sheaths in my collection from notable leather shops that simply don't get the job done.  If you choose a fast-draw sheath, which I define as having no retention straps, you can't afford for that blade to bounce out of your sheath when you run or tumble.  

This sheath hits the sweet-spot!  Watch the video again - I dropped it from nearly 18 inches and again from 12 - and the full-sized KA-BAR didn't budge.  I practiced with it and found it to be lightning fast on the draw.

Excellent craftsmanship!

Do you have a need for a fast-draw sheath?  Drop me an email and let's see if we can get this Patriot to take orders!  Not a KA-BAR guy?  Maybe we can get him to build for other knives...

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