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Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Current ThreatCon for CONUS
Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Friday, January 15, 2016


Bundy & Company plan to meet with locals at a 7pm community meeting.  

At the moment little is being telegraphed regarding intentions.   Some expect a near-term Exit Strategy, others anticipate a hardening of positions.  We shall see.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported the III efforts regarding Burns.

One from the Oregonian - here.  Generic, but relevant to tonight's meeting.

A piece regarding LaVoy Finicum being in Southern Utah yesterday, written by a hard-Left writer. The piece is a laborious read, but there is relevant meat in there and some insight to the Leftist perspective - here

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  1. I guess the left doesn't think we have the right to travel anymore???


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