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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gracie takes Shamrock - Again

"I'm a fighter," said Gracie. "We come from the beginning, no gloves, no rules, no time limits." - here.

There are no 'rules' in a real fight.  No time limits.  No referees.  Real men do not tap out.

Life or Not Life - those are the boundaries.  Everything else is Strategy & Tactics.

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  1. Mortem non veneris,
    cum expectant dum,
    Sed quando vult,
    aliud velocius est ullum.
    Tempus nemo est amicus;
    et inimicum ad sicarii hoc.
    Nemo me impune lacessitas.

    Nunc igitur vade et ruminat
    in tesordibus automata.


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