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Saturday, April 16, 2016

I hope my true allies really understand...

...when WWIII goes hot, you and I will probably never have the chance to say 'Here it is!' to one another.

It'll just be on...

Russia's latest buzz - here.

When critical mass is achieved, you and I will be alone and comms will be dark.  Cities will glow.  

Glass prices will plummet...

...supply & demand, you know...

When it happens, remember the Mission - Kill them all...


  1. I'm sorry, I don't understand why the price of glass matters. Is it to replace broken windows? I'm new to this, I apologize. Thanks!

    1. Russia is, and has been, the only serious country on the planet that believes they can win a nuclear war. Their national nuclear war doctrine has always been that by combining a proper first strike, with defensive facilities like Yamantau, and what they consider to be 'acceptable losses', Russia can prevail in a nuclear war with America, and even China if need be.

      My reference to glass is a reference to what will happen if Russia ever decides to pull that trigger...

    2. I still don't understand. I must be dense. If Russia launched a first strike, I believe the US would empty the silos, and the boomers - at sea or in port - would launch. Our alert aircraft would leave fail safe and head in... at that juncture, glass would be of no concern. Perhaps except for slitting our wrists should we survive...

  2. "When it happens, remember the Mission - Kill them all... "

    Every. Last. One.


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