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Monday, August 8, 2016


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  1. Hillary's 'Handler' carries Diazepam injector.


  2. Never doubt that God has a sense of humor.

    Just pray that you aren't the butt of the joke...

    1. Or, in Hitlery's case, a laughing stock...

      I wonder how many "security" people she has on staff that just go around confiscating photographic flash units from photo-journalists?

      'Cuz you know how flashing lights set off the ol' epilepsy...

      Personally, I'm hoping she's got more than epilepsy - a good old case of brain cancer would suit her, nicely.

      #hillaryshealth is a disqualifier

  3. Well, looking back to the late 1980s, we had a president whose most famous line before congress was "I don't recall"...

    Not that Hillary is Ronbo, and not that the Iran/Contra ordeal has more than the a passing resemblance to the Turkey/Libya/Syria mess over which Hillary reigns supreme in her hubris.

    I'm just saying that having a president with a conveniently selective memory is not a 'new feature' in American politics...

    But in this case, I'm not sure which would be worse - that she does actually remember everything perfectly and is thoroughly possessed by a demon straigh outta hell; or that her brain really is as cooked as the egg in the the 1980s "This is your brain on drugs" infomercial, and in her decrepitude she could bungle our way right the heck into WW-III...

    Either way, we're fooked.
    Like totally beyond words fooked...

  4. This guy is working hard to blow the Clinton Foundation corruption wide open...


    1. Let's just hope he doesn't "die in his sleep" or from a "self inflicted gunshot wound to the back of the head" :)

    2. What, another case of 'Trotsky Treatment'?

      Or something more along the lines of 'Scalia Syndrome', a.k.a. the 'Vince Foster Retirement Plan'?

      And notice how there was absolutely no follow-up on the death of Justice Scalia. A man of his significance dies suddenly, under incredibly suspicious circumstances and... Crickets. Everywhere, crickets.

      By whatever name, the stench of the Clintons still stinks the same.

    3. https://youtu.be/J4j7ggZqbiU

  5. If we are lucky, somebody will just drop a house on her. :)

    1. The Wicked Bitch of the East.

    2. Well, either way, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore...


  6. Another interesting one...



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