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Thursday, September 22, 2016

How Trump Wins the Debate...


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  1. "Recall. Kennedy and Reagan, too, came into their debates with a crucial slice of the electorate undecided but ready to vote for them if each could relieve the voters’ anxieties about his being within reach of the button to launch a nuclear war."

    I recall quite clearly how Carter chicken-hawked the nuclear war issue... in fact he went back to it repeatedly, even when it was not the topic of the question, in the final debate - when the probability of his impending loss was really sinking in. Those who understood what was happening, almost felt bad for that ambitious fool of a man (Carter).

    But Hillary can't really play that card, because most sane people can see pretty clearly that team Hillary/0bozo have completely destroyed our credibility with Russia and the rest of the world beyond our bribery sodden "allies".

    Hillary and 0bozo have in fact destroyed our credibility an order of magnitude worse than Carter ever did. But the most shocking thing about the situation is that they have destroyed our political and military credibility on purpose.

    Yep. I'm going there. Straight there, with no detours -

    - The withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan,
    - The "failure" of our operation in Benghazi
    - The entire creation and funding of ISIS
    - The systematic projection of weakness and confusion throughout our foreign policy


    Because a strong America that kept it's promises, is an America that no sane nation would dare go to war with.

    And yet, the banksters need a war to cover their getaway, from the greatest heist of all time - they are, right now, in the process of stealing nearly half the gold in the known world, and uncountable other valuables besides.

    The Banksters need the war Clinton is posturing us to get into, to destroy the evidence and confuse the populace for long enough, that they'll get to live out their natural lives living fat, happy and unrepentant on their spoils.

    That's why everybody on Wall Street is completely behind Clinton. Because they know that if Trump wins, then they probably won't get their 'happy ending'. And if they do get their 'happy ending' under Trump - which is possible but not guaranteed - it's going to cost them a lot more in concessions and bribes than a Clinton win would - because all of Team Clinton is already bought and paid for...

    Not so on Team Trump.

    It is for this clear and present reason that Clinton absolutely must not be allowed to enter the office of President.



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