Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Enemies of Liberty are ruthless.  To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..
**TO ALL .GOV WATCHING MY LIFE** You already know I am playing by all the rules. If you want to talk to me, just call or knock on the door. I'll meet you at your place, or invite you into mine. But there is no need to shoot my dogs or frighten my wife. Just so you know. ~ Kerodin


**UPDATE**  March 2014

Holly and I have decided to close our DC home permanently and devote our full-time attention to furthering III Projects from our base in Idaho.  We have secured an excellent location in St. Maries and will open our III MMA & Yoga Studio soon after our trip to North Carolina for Brock's Spring PatCon.  While we enjoyed meeting Patriots across the country as we traveled through the summer and fall last year teaching CQB, III projects require our attention and presence in Idaho.  We can still teach you and/or your Team in our Fight to your Weapon course or GroundFighting 101, though you'll have to come and visit us in beautiful Benewah County, Idaho for a few days, or a weekend.  If you want the Fight to your Weapon course, we'll be able to accommodate your travel schedule and time requirements.

We may travel a bit during spring/summer of 2014 to continue meeting Tribes and Teams in their AOs to build cohesion and morale, but I simply can't make any promises.  Our III efforts are at a critical stage and it is important that we be in St. Maries.  Several families and small businesses are currently in the process of moving into the county, so we will be there to greet them as they arrive, help them get settled and introduced to the wonderful folks of Benewah County.


Fight to your Weapon: This is the same one day course we offered around the country, training with militias, Tribes and other Patriots.  Course details can be found here.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts): MMA classes will be offered for those who want to learn how to fight in the Octagon.  This course involves techniques from many arts, and is focused to allow students to pursue a career in the ring, or for people who want a hardcore self defense program.  The MMA program is very informal - students will not be expected to follow traditional dojo practices, such as bowing or other ceremony.

Women's Self Defense: This course is specifically designed for women who want to learn how to defend themselves in the real world.  This class is age appropriate for ages 13 and older.  As with the MMA program, this course is taught in a very informal environment.

Aikibujutsu: The Shichi Toku Aikibujutsu course will follow traditional Japanese dojo etiquette and protocols that one would expect in any traditional Dojo.  For those seeking to explore the depths of combat-effective Aiki and the development of one's inner Warrior, this program will offer the dignified pathway to a Warrior's Enlightenment.

RapeSafety: This course is highly specialized and will be offered each week, free.

Yoga & Fitness: Holly is an experienced Yoga practitioner, and will hold classes for those seeking the health and inner serenity to be found in Yoga.  Additionally, we have arranged to have several exercise machines in the Studio for members to work on general fitness.

Youth Classes: The III MMA Studio will offer age-appropriate classes for children that will help your child develop self-confidence, patience and respect, not only respect for others, but also self-respect and pride.

Email: info@IIIMMA.com

We look forward to training with you!


  1. “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”

    ― Viktor E. Frankl

  2. Need a class in indiana.iam ready iam lll percent

    1. David - when and how many participants? A few weekends away is realistic.


  3. We need a class in indiana! Iam ready iam lll%


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