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III Tour

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98% approval from you folks.

We'll do it.

Grass-roots effort to find our allies.

The concept is simple: We set up a booth at gun shows across the country and find those Patriots who think as do we.

The Plan: Holly and I will run several shows through the summer of 2012 into the early fall, work out the kinks, streamline the operation, and build a template so that we can maximize our manpower across the country. If we build a trunk with III Gear we can ship it to a Patriot in city X so he or she can run the booth. After the show, he/she can pack up the leftovers and have UPS send it back to us.

Using this method, we can, in theory, hit as many shows each month as our financial resources will allow.

Warning: We will NOT reach this goal by selling III Gear to get started.

The cost involved with setting up the required dealer accounts, getting the infrastructure in place, et cetera, is not a financial goal we will ever meet by asking our small community of active III Patriots to buy caps and mugs.

We will have no choice but to ask you for straight donations. The money left over after selling caps and mugs is very small.

If we are going to do the Gun Shows, we'll need our current III Patriots, many of whom have already stepped to the plate more than once, to hit the donate button. This is what it takes to grow, and Holly and I will match funds. We can't do it all for you, but we'll darned sure do it with you.

When I know how much we'll need, and when, I'll make the call.

We've done (and are still doing) books, radio, online advertising, and more.

Now we need to go into the shops and shows that attract our natural allies, and meet them face-to-face if we are to grow significantly.

There will be a moment this fall when the election is over, regardless of the winner, when more people realize where we are headed.

The III can be there to fill that vacuum.

More to come.



  1. How would someone, who may be interested in coming out there, become part of or reserve a spot in this community. When will this community be up and running, i.e. having occupants etc.. If someone would email me at dannydeangelo33@gmail.com

  2. I live in Washington pretty close to the Canadian border. There are gun shows every weekend in Washington State and my Brother and I are willing to help out anyway we can. Also trying to find like minded individuals in the area. Let us know if we can help. SAJohnson@nweyes.com

  3. I am in the northern Virginia area. Would love to become an active member and help recruit new members and participate in selling some gear to raise some funds. The show here is in april. My email is tejtd86@yahoo.com.. First time to the site so not to familiar but I see your posts and pics on Facebook. Sorry if this isnt the right place to post.

  4. Am interested in more info about III. I see comments from folks that see the things that i see and are like-minded. Please email at windrider@hushmail.com


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