Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

III Poster

Fair Warning: The pic of our potential model: Folks, please take this seriously - that is a copyrighted image owned by the model, her photog, and her agency, used in her professional portfolio and they WILL sue you for your home if it starts showing up on our blogs.

Please don't do it.


We had 98% approval from you to launch a III Media Strike using a poster that featured a PG-13 sexy Model and a politically-incorrect political act that will likely enrage any Enemy of Liberty, and may even earn us some direct attacks.

This one I'll keep relatively close to the vest until launch, so any heat lands at my feet. I thank you all for the contributions - you know who you are.

More as this develops.

By the way - the woman in the image above is a professional fashion model Holly and I have been watching evolve for several years. What do you think, is she Miss III material?

You'll have to let me know in email or in the blog, as these silly pages do not allow comments. We'll call her ALX, for now.

She is a Professional fashion model, 23 years old, does NOT shoot nudes, stands 5'6" and weighs 100 pounds. And if you ask me, that smile is something special.

This media strike is one I am looking forward to launching. It will catch the eye of our allies, and it will make the heads of our enemies explode.

I call that Win-Win.



  1. All she needs is an AR in her hands and she'd be perfect!

  2. I assume she knows how to shoot & is Pro 2A ? example- a card carrying member of the NRA or GOA.

  3. I would suggest that III think about the image-message they are sending by using a model that is 20 pounds below the healthy weight threshold for a woman of her height. Without intending any disrespect to Ms. Holly, I would think that III wants a model that brings to mind the Average Strong American Woman (Rosie the Riveter), not someone who appears to have bought into the same unhealthy body-image message that plagues so many of our daughters.


  4. I think she is pefect.

  5. how do i join?


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