Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

III Projects

In the last two years or so the III Brand has grown and improved through the hard work of many, many great Patriots.  I was very proud to see how many Patriots were flying III Gear at Mercer.  We have built morale and cohesion, despite internecine fights that actually helped to define who we are, and for what we stand.

If you would have chosen to stand with John Parker, you are a III Patriot.

Our most aggressive III Projects are moving forward with great promise.  These are not undertakings for the meek.  But life itself is not for the meek.  The III is not for the meek.  It is for the boldest of us.  The III is for those who stand tall in the face tyrants, their lies and their intent.  The III is for those who are not afraid to take point, to sign their names as boldly as John Hancock on every endeavor.  We are not afraid to be John Parker, when the time comes.

In all of the III Projects associated with this website, not one single person receives a salary. 

Not a dime.

For Liberty.


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  1. Looking to hop a ride with some one from Worcester Mass going to the May 16th event in DC. Will share expenses. Contact me at mnpshow2012@gmail.com Thanks.
    Christopher A.W. Maider


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