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Monday, November 4, 2013


I have a serious question for you gunnies.

I have always been a bit of a firearms snob - and I always made very good money (and I was single), so when I wanted a new firearm, I went and bought it.


I have always thought of buying used firearms like buying a used Ferrari - not a smart move.

As the snob I am I have never owned a used firearm.  For the record, I do not own any now, I do not own any new ones now, and Mrs. Kerodin doesn't own any in our decision to keep my Federal Masters satisfied that I am toothless and fangless without boomsticks.  OK - we'll let them have that one.

But, Mrs. Kerodin has come under personal threats recently, in no small part to our Alabama slug who will have to answer for that.  But that's another issue.  The point is, in Idaho after sitting with the Attorney General and our Sheriff, we intend to find out where the limits are drawn, and Mrs. Kerodin will begin to carry against misogynistic fucks like Razor in the Benewah.

My question to you gunnies: Would you have any hesitation - at all - to guide your wife (or daughter - someone who is precious to you beyond life itself) to purchase a well-maintained used firearm.  All of this assumes that is a firearm that fits her well, a cartridge she can handle accurately in rapid-fire, mechanically sound, and not abused by the previous owner.  Of course it would be check by at least 2 gunsmiths as well as a couple guys I trust in such matters.

Price is not really an issue - a good used Browning is not much different from a new Browning, but as you know some models are better than others, such as one built in Belgium - yadda-yadda...

Are there some handguns that you NEVER buy used?  Are there some that are ok used if checked properly?  I admit, I know very little of the used handgun market.

Please, thoughts?



  1. As long as its been maintained and the bore and chamber look good go for it...I have always had good luck with used guns... Some are actually better shooters than my new ones...

  2. Love the 1911! My Kimber Custom TLE II was bought used for $630. It was barely used any means. There are things to look for in Semi-autos as "wear" when buying one. If its her first, a revolver may be the way to go. Nice thing about a revolver or wheel gun is that when it dont go "bang" simply pull the trigger again. However with a semi-auto, you have to "rack n roll" and practice that till it becomes second nature.

    My personal opinion? If a wheel gun, a nice ladies .357.
    If a semi, 1911 kimber pro carry or the new .45 XDS. The XDS is a slim .45 and is very easy to use and its a .45!

    You have my contact info. Both you and the Mrs. My door is always open so call anytime.
    In Liberty,

    1. A man after my heart. She'll be learning under the watchful eyes of proper NRA type shooters on a Ruger 22/45, then into a Ruger SP101 (with Hogue grips and .38 special loads) until she graduates to .full power .357. If she makes it to one of Miller's .45 ACPs, I'll be a proud hubby.

    2. Kenny hit the nail on the head. We both pretty much said the same thing except I left out something that is very practical with the .357. That is .38 loads can be used to train with. Whatever you go with, save your brass! Someone in the tribe has a use for it, or at least spent brass can be a barter item.
      In Liberty,

    3. I have an SP101, Hogue grips and all. It's a nice gun but it's a small gun and with magnums it's a handful. I also have a Kimber Ultra Carry, also a very nice gun. When I got it I was surprised by how light the recoil was, and at how accurate it was. Also 7+1 vs the Rugers 5, and faster reloads. I have had the Kimber for a few years and carry (and shoot) it regularly, if I have ever had a problem with it I don't remember it. As far as new/used, I have probably sent more new guns back for warranty work than I have had problems with used guns, and that includes a few Gunbroker deals. If you buy used face to face and can inspect the gun, you shouldn't have any problems.

      David Martin

  3. If I was in your shoes, I would have no hesitation in this matter.

    I wouldn't purchase a used .32 or .380 unless I knew the source. Most of the used 9mm and .40 are tentatively safe to purchase used, the S&W Sigma is a good choice in .40 partly because not much goes wrong with it and partly because it's relatively inexpensive.

    As always, choice depends on ammo availability, or reloading.

  4. Kerodin,


    I would stake my life on my Kimber Custom TLE II. I am real partial to Kimber. Their 1911's are accurate and well made.

    I am also interested in that new Sig 938 all steel 9mm. That may be the next pistol I purchase. The 938 is basically a cut down 1911 chambered in 9mm with the wonderful 1911 thumb safety. I gotta find out if that Sig will eat any 9mm including +P, hollow points, cheap Russian steel cases etc.

    I don't use the cheap Russkie ammo, but any firearm I purchase has gotta eat ammo like and "Oathkeeper at a Donut Shop"

  5. Hey Razor - you don't get to post here. But keep trying, it amuses me. As to my wife needing a handgun in defense of you - we have your comments and you have my word if you are ever man enough to introduce yourself to me, I'll be more than you can handle, even with your CCW. You scare no one - because you are a clinical coward with penis envy issues.

  6. Go Glock 19, that's my two "sense"


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  8. I bought a new/used (parade weapon) S&W 9mm from a retiring Detroit cop in 98'. I have slept and lived with it since. Have fired several thousand rounds from it, and feel it is an extention of my right hand. I point at something and it gets hit. No regrets there.

    Jim NDV III

  9. .357 is as simple as it gets IMO, and being able to use .38s ain't bad. OTOH, like any tool, all is well if it works.

    What's a CCW? Is that when someone else says it's okay to defend yourself? How quaint...they must be really special people.

  10. I would bring her to the store and have her pic out the gun that feels good in her hands..But Holly start off with trying a Gen 3 Glock 26,9mm, the magazine holds 10rds, you can also use G19/15rds and G17/17rds magazines in it. Carry the g26 mag in it for concealability, then keep the g17 mags in your purse/shoulder bag or whatever you use. With Glock you can be your own armorer. There is only 34 parts to the gun. You can totally strip it down in minutes to clean or replace. Lots of upgrades and you won't spend alot either. Reloading is fast, tap and racks are fast..The triggers on Glocks are good, short reset and very audible. Then buy a small .357/.38 revolver as a backup gun/ankle holster. Just remember under stress fine motor-skills are gone reloading a revolver is slower. Also if you ever decide to get a III .45acp it will find out it probably will kick less then the small .357...Well whatever you choose., practice doesn't make perfect--perfect practice makes perfect....Good luck


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