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Friday, February 13, 2015

Death of a Loved One, Divorce, Moving, Major Illness, Job Loss

Those who know my wife know she is sugar, spice and everything nice...

...even through the first margarita.

She is also highly organized. **cough*OCD*cough**

She has wonderful penmanship.

In line with these traits, she labels everything - it's all very Sheldonian.

Yet when you mix the number three most stressful life event into her world, you get a moving box labeled as above.  When you see an "organized" woman putting coffee pots, bowls and my training compression shorts into the same bin - you know Houston is having a problem.  Another clue is the devolving nature of her penmanship at the hour she wrote that label.

If you need any more insight about her mood and her current perspective on moving - just look at the last item on the label.  Gold Ribbon.  Yeah, that's it...  You may need to click the pic to embiggen.

Yeah - we are all happy the move is over.  ;)



  1. Lol!
    You are a fortunate man indeed!
    She is a national treasure.

    1. She's *special* alright...

      ;) Wait - she's coming - I have to hide.

  2. So what exactly do you do with the "gold fucking ribbon" and unitard? LOL

    1. Rhythm gymnastics - wait, I shouldn't say that aloud....

      Yeah, try getting THAT image out of your head. K in a unitard twirling gold fucking ribbon in the air...

    2. Now, now BH, let's not get personal. Craigslist has categories for that kind of curiosity. ;-)

    3. Thanks K, I could have done without that! :)

  3. LMAO, I loved the specific ribbon description. made me laugh out loud literally.

  4. I'm not at all certain I should have read this post or the comments... even men in my profession have their limits......... and to see this after such a lengthy hiatus due to being visually handicapped... oy.

    1. Eye surgery, sir? How are you recovering?

    2. "simple" cataract surgery - post 2nd procedure on my left eye - almost 20/20 uncorrected... rt eye has developed an issue that approx. 50% over all do... laser procedure sked for 3/5; follow-up 3/11 then hopefully his office will remain in my rear-view... overall, recovery has been lengthy but positive since 1/8... back to normal reading intervals with other associated functions mostly restored - finally...

      thank you for asking...


  5. Thanks a freaking lot, K, that's an image I'll need eight hours of Brahms music to get rid of. ;)

    Glad you're getting settled in, see you soon. :)

  6. Ouch! Yeah, moving is a self-imposed hell.
    Glad you made it through the pinch-point, and retained a normal respiratory rhythm ;P

  7. How does one stab the minds eye with a sharp stick? That is an image that will not easily be removed, as funny as it is I simultaneously shudder at the thought.


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