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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

He was a Fed - Off Leash in LA

**UPDATE** He was a Fed.  Imagine that...


Victory can only happen when Thugs are stopped from Thuggin'...


It doesn't matter why LEO was on the scene.  They had no moral Right to assault the woman who was obviously not their Target and not a threat.  Note - she was armed with a camera, and he had an AR - likely not semi-auto.  Had he decided he was 'at-risk' - consider the possible outcomes...

5,000 men across the republic who have the balls to answer this sort of Tyranny needed - apply within, here.

This was SoCal.  That is American soil.  

Intolerable Acts.



  1. Those who hate the light, will congregate in the darkest places possible.
    Fed.Gov is the darkest deal going, and has been for at least 3 decades. It was inevitable that this should become the character of those who represent and enforce the Federal will... with all the implications which that bears.



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