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Monday, April 27, 2015

They deserve what is coming to them...

The Future of Guns: Political Battle Will Focus on States - here

Is it wrong for someone accused of domestic abuse to be denied a gun permit? - here

Oklahoma gun ban issue will continue after Norman Music Festival ends - here

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants To Make It Illegal To Taunt A Police Officer - here

The gulf widens.

Too many people have taken coexistence off the table.

That which they seek to destroy is the only protection they have from us.

The only thing that is allowing the Tyrants among us to continue living is our tolerance.

My tolerance wears thin...




  1. Dico vobis, quis contra dignitatem;
    iusta poena mortis tibi est,
    et tibi tradam eam!

    Non ego remissam,
    Non tyrannidem tolerare!

    His quis oderunt libertatem, condemnamus se morti!

  2. Tolerance and compromise are what have brought us here to this point in history. Alinsky’s tacticts have worked well to paint us into a corner. I guess it’s time to walk on the wet paint and be the intolerant, uncompromising, sons of bitches they’ve been accusing us of being all along. If the boot fits, let me shove it up their commie asses!
    Rd III

  3. "I guess it’s time to walk on the wet paint and be the intolerant, uncompromising, sons of bitches they’ve been accusing us of being all along."

    Yep, they have long exceeded any claim of rightful tolerance. And lest there be any question, I mean real, valid, Christian tolerance, which is summed up as follows - while certain behaviors are sinful, we withhold the punishment for said sins because the punishment for those sins would impose a greater burden (upon the individual and/or the community) than the sin itself. The Judgment remains valid, but the punishment is set aside as an act of charity. But if the sins shall be compounded beyond the limit of tolerance, then the whole punishment becomes due and payable, as with Sodom - for the wage of sin is death.
    This is Christian Tolerance, plain and simple.

    Their sins have accrued and compounded well beyond any reasonable expectation of tolerance, and the full debt is now due and payable.

    The wage of their iniquity is fully due, and we who believe are obliged to pay it to them. Let death be delivered to those who destroy the liberty and dignity of our society. And let us be acquitted of their sins by paying them in full, and with a generous measure of what they are due.



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