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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Our thanks to ToneDeaf for the donated dump pouches!  Two are pictured above.  We're assigning some to the TOC, and we'll distribute the remainder as the donor suggested.  We did a quick count - there are 35 or so in the box.  They also have a variety of attachment devices.  Very cool, with many potential uses.



  1. Nice. What are the dimensions? I'm guessing roughly 6 x 10 inches?


    1. 5 x 7 - good quality.

      For our anon above - remember one of the quickest ways to draw unwanted attention on a caper is to carry OD gear, anything camo or with molle loops.

    2. Probably intended as a chalk bag for rock climbers... I have one very similar looking, from a climbing outfitter called Prana.
      Definitely good quality stuff...

  2. Actually, they are smoke jumpers/wildland firefighters IFAK dump pouches.


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