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Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Current ThreatCon for CONUS
Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Thursday, October 6, 2016

WWIII Rising

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  1. The translation is ok for the most part, but it leaves out one very important point - near the end the Russian general clearly states that, where the Russian military has driven out "aggressive rebels" they are undertaking humanitarian aid to the Syrian civilian population, and that - in the original Russian, it cannot be said more bluntly - any attack upon Russian personnel engaging in humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people will be met with total force, which Russia and her allies can bring to bear, and that absolutely no [more] mistakes will be tolerated in the matter."

    Or, in other words, You CIA and American military personnel; you spent your mulligan when you shelled Russian soldiers, and you're on thin ice. Next time we intend to hand you your ass - the only question to you will be, "do you want it in paper, or plastic?" Either way you're going home in a bag.

    I've listened to a lot of Russian commentaria over the years, and I can generally tell how strong their underlying resolve is, even though they tend to be very poker-faced whenever speaking publicly - and I can say with certainty, that general is grade-A pissed and ready to get some ruckus...

    Cue war drums in 5...




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