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Friday, August 25, 2017

Resource: Far Left Watch


If you are heading to Berkeley or SF this weekend, tell us why...


  1. Redneck Revolt told me everything I need to know about them when I read "Private property rights are not the basis of liberty." in their 'Organizing Principles'


  2. That's a wrap!
    The prayer rally has been called
    off by organizers.
    They smartly realized that the
    treasonous shitbags and commies,
    posing as (rule of law) elected representatives,
    of the San Fran city government would
    allow them to be brutally attacked.
    If you are inclined to watch the video, take
    notice of the supposed "white supremacist"
    male organizers.
    One is hispanic, the other is a black man
    with braided hair, and one is biracial like


    cav med

    1. Once again the 'Liberty Movement' draws bright-light attention to itself - only to implode. So many of the 'leaders' of the Liberty are puffed-up cowards...

      When you set out to take Vienna - TAKE VIENNA!


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